Who are we?

A.T. Robles, SA is a company with 50 years of experience in the road transport specializing in refrigerated goods.
A Robles we know that the first rule is to take care of your cargo. For this reason we focus all our efforts on three key points, “Security,” “Traceability” and “Management.”

Company Bases

Since the beginning Robles Transport and Logistics has been characterized by adapting to the needs of each client in order to provide optimal service and quality. This practice allows us to work with major food groups in the country. Thanks to this philosophy, we have achieved significant growth in recent years, going from 4.5 ml / € of turnover in 2005 to almost 18 ml / € in 2014. We currently have a large team of 200 workers and the latest technology to facilitate the control of logistics and administrative management.