Robles Transport and Logistics is a company fully committed to the environment. Through daily work we have achieved standards that have allowed us to achieve important symbols related to the environment:

– Certification Ecostars. Transport Robles receives European environmental certification “Ecostars” with the highest score, five stars. Thus, we became the first company to achieve this certification in Catalonia and one of the first in Spain to do so with the highest score. The objectives of this program are to reduce the environmental impact of road transport and consumption of fossil fuels, reduce costs associated with these energy consumption of certified companies and achieve progress towards sectoral standards quality management, operations and technological means.

– Membership in the “Voluntary Agreements” of the Generalitat of Catalonia. In Robles have worked hard to provide proposals on the management of the company result in reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. This has allowed us to join this program created by the Government as a company committed to the environment.